Animal care

Drym Valley is a farm diversification  project,so our rural setting lends itself to informal animal care. We have a small suckler herd or 40 cattle plus the bull. Our ewes produced 6 lambs this year so the flock increases slowly.

We have chickens, ducks, geese, bantams, rabbits, 3 Pot-bellied pigs, Dylan the ferret and of course the cats and the dogs.

The use of small animals and domesticated pets is well researched they can notably help with the following:

  • motivate willingness to exercises
  • improve interactions with others
  • increases willingness to join in activities
  • develop social skills and improve verbal communication
  • decrease anxiety and loneliness
  • improve self esteem
  • improve assisted or independent mobility

Physical contact with the animals,excise rising them,cleaning out pens ages and runs and general animal health all need daily attention.

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